Thursday, October 22, 2009

Interface XBee Module with PIC Microcontroller

5V and ground is connected to provide power to the module. While TX and RX pin is connected for communication. JP1 jumper is connected at COM for interfacing SKXBEE.

Below is the system overview on how XBee communicate with microcontroller. The XBee will connected to the microcontroller via Universal Asynchronous Receiver/transmitter (UART) pins.

SKXBEE can be add on in the microcontroller circuit. It will lifted a bit high from microcontroller circuit or in other words above the microcontroller circuit. All we need to used is a female header.


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    ...saya juga buat projek menggunakan zigbee...boleh kongsi2x pengalaman dan ilmu..

  2. could u share the coding, for my reference. btw, i'm the beginner in using xbee and pic